Good MPW app for Android/Kindle users

If you have been endlessly waiting for a Kindle app for MPW from WD, or you find the My Cloud app lacking for other Android devices, then this post is for you!

The app is called Avia, and it comes in both Android and Kindle flavors.  I got the app a year ago, and at first it did not work well, but they have been improving it so it works real well now, and I can recommend it.

It is a media player app, and I like it for streaming/playing music and videos.  It also will play or stream photos  The basic app is free, so start with that.  You can see the servers on your home network, and I have my MPW on the home network, although I presume it will play from the direct connect to the MPW as well, but then there is no internet when connected this way. 

Casting to Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV is possible by purchasing the in-app upgrade for around $5.  It is worth it to me, since it adds much more utility.

WIth it, I can access and play from the MPW, and my Seagate wireless drive, too.  An added bonus for me; I cannot play m4v files using my Kindle unless I change the extension to mp4.  Well, today, I discovered that by using Avia it can play the m4v files I have, so no need to have dup files anymore with mp4 extensions!  In addition, my Seagate drive can play from playlists with its app, and so can Avia from the Seagate drive.  Very cool as well.

If this isn’t enough, the UI is snazzy compared to WD’s My Cloud app.  My only regret is the app does not come in an iOS version!

Get it.

Hello Mike,

Thanks for sharing.