App for streaming with kindle fire?

Hello, is there an app used on the kindle fire to stream from the MPW? My kids have kindles, and I have created a folder for them, but I don’t know what app to use. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Mike has reported that Avia works well on the Kindle.


Thanks Rod, for ffinding and linking to my Avia post.  I use it exclusively now on the Kindle Fire HD,  I have also loaded the generic Android version of My Cloud on the Kindles, too, but it has issues and the way it gets installed (by side-loading it) is complicated so I won’t even get into that procedure.  Avia works fine.  If any questions, let me know.Avia sees media servers, and works if MPW is on or off the home network.

Before asking the question here, I googled it. And people say there is an updated version of the my cloud app for kindle and android, but you have to get it from the 1Mobile market. Says it installs on it’s own once you choose to download it. Is this not true?

Not true!  Because:

If there was a Kindle version of My Cloud app, it would be in the Kindle Store.  It is not, in fact, since all the newest WD devices came out that use My Cloud app, WD removed an earlier Kindle version of My Cloud app from store.  I have repeatedly asked WD for an updated Kindle version of app, and so far they have not delivered one

The My Cloud found at 1Mobile Market is the Android version also at Google Play store, but since a Kindle cannot download apps from there, 1Mobile Market is the alternate source where I got it.

So, as I said, Avia is the best choice, since the Android version of My Cloud is problematic.  Avia can be downloaded as a Kindle app from Kindle store…