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Hi there! I just noticed (Thanks to Joe_S) a thread about Windows 7 SP1,but it kinda feels out of place on the MyBook board. Then it came to my mind that the main section of the forum is called “Announcements & General Discussions”, but there isn’t a “General Discussions” board on the comminuty, which is the reason on my post:

Why not a General Discussions board?

I mean, I understand this is a WD forum and that it can go out of hand with so many possible random topics and threads, but there can be some parameters as well into what could be allowed by the MODS into the general section, such as the W7SP1 thread, which is actually a very good topic to discuss.

With the proper guidelines into what could be allowed, a GD board could bring more life into the community as users may be able to share more topics known to more users, allowing the community to become friendlier to newcomers and even stop the tendency of new users joining and posting just solve a problem and then go, findind no other reason to stay after the issue is solved…

What do you guys/gals think? :slight_smile:


Nice Idea!!!


I think is a nice idea too

Very good idea I’m in 

A new board was just added next door, for general, off-topic, non-product related discussions. Feel free to join in.


Thank you very much, bill_s!!! :smiley:

Can anyone please tell me how to retrieve my Passport information? (I used alcohol to clean my outer case and it removed my information.)

   I am desperate !

If you are using Windows, just install WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic, using this software, you can find your drive size, model and serial number.

More information in the link below, step number two: