More than puzzled!

Have just signed up and received the “Welcome” message which said I could post or get my concern/problem to the WD Community so I described my problem. I did not indicate any particular topic and presumed the moderators would move my problem to an appropriate section of the Community so that it might be seen by ALL the Community and that I too would be notified as to what the moderators had done. None of that happened! After much looking around I found my original reply and post in my account’s Notifications. However, that’s about it.

Please advise whether I have to re-post and if so, how does one go about that? I’ve seen other comments regarding the rather haphazardness of the site and agree fully with what has been said there.

Here’s hoping the moderators or somebody does get back to me.

Thanks. Peter in Thailand

Hello Peter_LaRamee,

Depending on the model number of your drive, we should be able to move your post to the correct board. Also, if you goes down on the home page of the community you should be able to see all the boards and the sub-categories.

If you click on the WD Community at top left then choose the right forum for the WD Device you own then that is the right place to post your question. The more information you provide the better chance that someone can help.

Thanks for the reply. Looking at the sticker on the back of my WD Elements, I don’t see a model number per se, but here is the information I find there:


R/N : D3C

Hope the above helps to get my post into the right spot for some community follow-up.

Peter in Thailand

Further to my previous post. After returning home, I located the packing box for my WD Elements 2TB Hard Drive and underneath the box I found another sticker that specifically provided a code for the model of my own External Hard Drive.

The code is WDBAAU0020HBK-SESN. The serial number is identical to my previous post. It was produced in Thailand in 2009.

There is a second bar code as welll: 7 18037 75198 6. A third sticker (on glossy white paper, square with rounded corners) has two pieces of info on it:
Part Number: 4064-705050-002
Lot Number: LINSHE0341100A

The compulsary compliance brochure in 22 languages has a bar code in its bottom righ-hand corner: i.e. 4079-7050201-802.

Hoping there’s enough info for a proper placement of my post, I will be watching for comments and suggestions.

Many thanks.
Peter in Thailand

Note: This was my original post to the Community. It really should be the first item in this topic, but … not to worry. I copy it here so that all the members have the chance to share their experiences to help me out.
Peter in Thailand

Hello from Thailand! Need some help in using my WD Elements 2TB for a special job.

The job may or may not be simple. Why? I have an IBM ThinkPad X41 and I want to move all of its data and its OS from its HDD over to a new SSD (128 GB) which I have bought to replace the IBM’s mechanical HDD which is only 60GB. Problem is that the IBM connector for its HDD is a proprietary one. I can’t just connect the new SSD externally and move the data from the older HDD to the new SSD. I would like to use my WD Elements as a “parking place” for all the old data – only about 23 GB. I need some guidance to get this all done properly so I don’t lose any of the data once I start moving it from the old HDD over to the new SSD. The IBM has only one internal connector/slot for its HDD so I’ve got to move the data off it, shut the machine off, exchange the old HDD for the new SSD and then move all the data over to the new SSD and keep my fingers crossed that I can use the old data on the new SSD without any problems.

Would certainly appreciate some detailed assistance on how my WD Elements HDD can be of help in this transfer of data & OS from the old IBM HDD to the new SSD. I should probably add that my preferred OS in Win Xp Pro, SP3; That is the OS on the IBM’s ThinkPad and the one that will get transferred to the new SSD.

Looking forward to hearing if what I need to do is actually doable.

Peter in Thailand

While waiting for some comments and suggestions from the Community, I thought that providing some details of the old IBM HDD and the new SSD drive might be useful for those who have more experience than I in the matter of this posting.

The properties of the IBM ThinkPad are as follows:
Disk 1…Type…Status
Basic MBR:…55.89 GB
C: (NTFS):…21.10 GB…Primary…Active & Boot & System
D: Data (NTFS) …34.82 GB…Primary…None
(Unallocated):…7.38 GB…Logical…None

Sectors per track:…63
Bytes per Sector:…512
Physical Sectors:…17210240
Total Size : 55.89 GB
MBR Signature : 0x7ecb7ecb

I also have a visual reference of the 2 disks but don’t see how I can attach it to this post; that’s too bad because a picture is worth a thousand words! file:///E:/IBM%20&%202TB%20HDDs.jpg Does this site allow the attaching .jpg files to a post? If so, how is that done?

Looking forward to receiving comments and suggestions from the Community.

Peter in Thailand

Advanced Image Handling
Add images through upload, drag and drop, or copy and paste. Large images are automatically thumbnailed and lightboxed.

File Attachments
Include arbitrary file attachments of any allowed file type or file size in your posts.

OK, As I learned from the new features available in the Community, it is possible to add images and files to a post. Today, I’m trying to do that with a file that resides on a thumbdrive, i.e. “E:/IBM & 2TB HDDs.jpg”. Since it is an image, I’ll try ‘upload’ first.

Success on the first try! Wow! Now everyone can ‘see’ more clearly what I would like to do: copy or move or clone or ??? everything on Disk 1 to someplace on Disk 2. My question is “Is it doable?” And if it is, just how do I go about the process? What software will facilitate this process for me? So that once the OS and the Data are ‘parked’ on the WD Elements, I can shut down the IBM in order to remove its 60GB HDD and replace it with my new 128GB SDD. The next step would be to copy or move or clone or ??? what is now ‘parked’ on the WD Elements over to the new SDD. Remembering all the while, that the IBM no longer has an operating system since the new SDD is blank and empty – this is a second point that is puzzling me, i.e. how will the IBM instruct the WD Elements to return the original OS and Data over to the new SDD?.

I’d greatly appreciate some guidance on the process that I have described here.

Peter in Thailand