G-Technology G-DRIVE USB Compact USB 3.0 External Hard Drive 10TB (G1) (0G05016)


Actually, it was working just after I purchased this one and I moved some files already.
Suddenly, this does not work any more. Windows (10) Explorer cannot show the path.
But when I click the icon on the taskbar to eject, it shows one line (only GDrive), but does not show this driver.
Disk management also cannot recognize this external HDD.
Is there any way to make it work on Windows 10?
OR Does anyone know how to open the case for me to use the HDD with the dock.


Make sure you are still using the proper power adapter, 12v 2a. Sometimes these get switched around and the computer only detecting the enclosure but not the drive could be a symptom of lack of power.

If you have another system you can try it on that could be a test to verify if the drive does have a hardware fault.


If this is a hardware fault, what should I do?


If it is a hardware fault of the device then it would need to be replaced. You can generate an RMA for a replacement drive on our website here: RMA


Thank you for note. but replacement cannot save the files that were already
transferred from my other drives.
Actually the files are more important to me so do you know how to open the
case although I lost warrant?

Jongmin Shon, PhD


If you just want to open the enclosure to attempt moving the drive to another one you just need to unscrew the casing. There are 6 screws on the bottom and more inside. If the drive mechanism has failed then you will need to send the drive to a data recovery company. Data Recovery info


I can only see 3 screws at the bottom. Let me know where the other 3s are


Anyone knows how can I open the case and replace HDD of G-Technology G-DRIVE USB Compact USB 3.0 External Hard Drive 10TB (G1) (0G05016) ?
I actually screwed out the three bolts, but cannot see the other three that Rydia (WDStaff) mentioned.


The screws would be under the feet.


Yes I found three under the feet, but still cannot see the other three out of the 6 as you mentioned above