G-Tech G-Raid Removable 4TB - Constantly flashes white light

I have a G-Tech G-Raid Removable 4TB drive formatted RAID 0. If to now, it seems to have run fine.

Recently three symptoms have cropped up that trouble me:

1.) The drive now constantly flashes a rapid white light. It have never done that before. In the passed, it has flashed only when it has called for data, or written date - now is stays on, even if I turn off my iMac.

2.) I ran Drive Genius Diagnostics (Pro-Soft Engineering) on it, and MAC disk utilities. MAC disk utilities passes it. Drive Genius (Instant Drive pulse) also passes it.

So why is is constantly flashing? It just doesn’t seem right. Here is what it looks like.

Constantly flashing drive

Thank you for your time,

Barry O’Brien

Background activity is usually the reason. You can try moving the device to a new port. You can also erase the drive to start over, after transferring anything you needed off of course.

If you use the drive for Time Machine backup that could be the cause due to indexing and continuous backup.

THANK YOU! I just talked to Brendan at G-Tech, and he said the same think.
I have never had a drive fail that was only 6 years old! I’ll buy a new one
to replace it and sent this one back to G-Technology.


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