4 TB G-RAID and 4 TB G-DRIVE USB Flashing white drive lights


‘Why are the drive lights (white) on my 4 TB G-RAID and mt 4 TB G-Drive USB always flashing - almost in syncwhen attached via USB3. Note they are not Mirrored.’


Usually due to background processes on the computer. Such as indexing or backups, etc.


Is there any way to stop the throbbing syncronized flasing of both drives. I have tryed exluding them from indexing under Spotlight wioth OS X 10.12.5 (Sierra), then dicmounting each of them and then remounting them - no luck.


They should eventually stop, there is no way to force it to stop blinking. You can try removing the content, using our configurator to convert it to RAID1, then back to RAID0 and erase it again in Disk Utility. Essentially resetting it back to defaults and see if that helps.