G-Speed Shuttle SSD / macOS Monterey / Apple Silicon M1 Max

Following…SAME ISSUE.


I have same problem here with my G-Studio R 12TB, all my photos cannot access any longer, drive shows on the Thunderbolt port, but drive is not mounting or recognized as a disk.

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An update:


My response:

Thank you for the update.

Understand that formatting the drive as Ex-fat is a non-starter.

1 - I have two 32TB drives, each with unique content. How would you suggest that I format them? There are not a lot of places I can casually toss that much content while I format the drives.

2 - Ex-Fat is a terrible file system for Mac users and represents all sorts of ugliness in terms of compatibilities with apps and associated data that are critical parts of my workflow

3 - Your instructions blithely suggest this is a “Solution” but this requires another Mac that has not been upgraded to Monterey. I do not have other Macs not on Monterey. This approach is not a solution.

Your statement implies this issue is something wrong with Monterey, and not trouble with your (Promise) software. Is this truly the case? Do you expect new updates from Apple? Help from Apple? Do you have a Radar number that those of us dealing with this can comment on at Apple? Has Apple given you an ETA on a fix?

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We are right there with you Welshofer! I really hope WD gets their act together soon. I would really like to access the 48TB of information I have on my Shuttle XL.

Same problem. G-Speed software not fully compatible with Big Sur. Had to attach drive to a different machine to run command line utility to get it back online.

Latest response (11/15):

“As per the previous E-mail, we don’t have an ETA for this . However, it should be fixed soon and our engineers are working on it to provide a solution in terms of a driver update or something.”

Any updates on this? I have a 24TB paper weight and would like to start using it as a drive again soon. Why can large companies not provide better support? It is not like the change from kernel extensions and Monterey were surprises. Looking forward to the new drivers being released soon.

I have received no additional updates. G-Tech used to be a very Mac-focused company. Once WD bought them that essentially went away. macOS users represent a small market share for WD. Monterey was released as a beta in June. The realization that they were not prepared for Monterey’s launch is just proof that the Mac is a low priority for WD. Their response that I should reformat the drive as Ex-FAT sealed that fact for me. Ugh.

I was finally able to get my shuttle to mount to my M1 Max MacBook Pro 2021!!

Please follow the steps here. You have to install the Promise software and downgrade your boot kernel security settings.

My G-Speed Shuttle now works on my M1 MacBook Pro using the new Promise driver! Hooray!

Download from here -


PROMISE Technology - Storage Solutions for IT, Cloud, Surveillance, and Rich…

All the drivers are the same I think (R_MacDrv_V6_2_16).

Follow the instructions for installing - which includes lowering boot security to load non-Apple extension and it will work. My RAID now works as before. Thank you Promise Tech!

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Happy to hear that worked for you. I am very familiar with this process and have been through it many times. That is the exact process I used to get the drive to work with the M1 iMac and M1 MBP 13 when they came out but no luck for me with any of my M1 or M1 Max units under Monterey.

No luck with those instructions for me either.
Looks like it is time to check into returning this product while I still can. Very disappointed in Western Digital. As someone in charge of corporate purchasing it will be tough to trust Western Digital going forward.

Having to use the Promise build to make the drives work on the original M1 Macs was bad enough. I know the G-Tech folks are just bundling the Promise controllers, etc. but at least they could pretend to care about the Mac.
When I first contacted support they blamed Apple and said Apple was working on a fix.

I just left Apple after being an employee there for 26 years in PM, so I asked for Radar numbers. Who are you working with? What team? What’s the ETA?
That quickly dissolved into “we are working on it” and “real soon” and my favorite “Monterey was a surprise”.
This of course was topped only by “reformat it as Ex-Fat”.

I imagine this line of products have a small number of customers and of those a small percentage are macOS users, so building and maintaining macOS flavors of their drivers and utility software is not terribly cost effective. That’s fine. But if they don’t intend to provide decent, basic support for their hardware, they should not market it to macOS using customers.

It is terribly disappointing, especially considering how central the Mac was to the original G-Technology company.

No further response. I have contacted Apple support. No knowledge of this issue and no recognition that it is being worked on. I have former colleagues who still work at Apple (I recently left WWPM there after many years as a PM) who are aware of the issue but claim these are known issues that 3rd party developers who rely on kExts were warned about almost 2 years ago as a looming and required change. My hopes of a magical update coming from Apple soon is waning. 64TB of data made useless.

This is an update, thanks to @Alright4here post I was able to workaround my problem and get a fix for my G-Studio XL 12TB, follow his steps on this topic.


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So I’ve used the Promise drivers and managed to get my drives to show up for a few hours to minutes each. Usually they end up un-mounting themselves, sometimes they just lock up the Mac. One of them no longer mounts at all.

I’d like Western digital to send me a pair of 32TB SSDs formatted in exFat (their suggestion) so I can attempt to copy my information off these dodgy drives. Otherwise I’d like a complete refund. This nonsense has gone on long enough. Close $20K worth of drives that are completely useless.

I’ve contacted Apple support and former colleagues there (I just left Apple last year after 26 years in product management) and neither set of folks are aware of a pending fix coming from Apple.

I have no functional driver from Western Digital, no functioning Drive Utility, and no path to making these things useful.

I’d like a response from Western Digital.

Hey everyone. I’m currently in the process of switching over to mac from Windows, the m1 lured me in.

I was going to get the g shuttle to use for external storage, I’m a photographer and DOP, but am a little worried having seen this thread. Having looked into it more it seems like there’s lots of issues with RAID systems on m1.

Have you guys managed to solve this issue with the shuttle? Any advice would be great and sorry you’ve all had to go through this. Must be very frustrating!

I’ve owned 9 RAID arrays based on the Promise technology (the G-Tech drives are essentially repackaged promise RAIDS, easily verified by taking them apart when they fail).

4 of the 7 Promise drives failed. Usually first a drive module and then eventually the backplane. I have owned many G-Tech drives and they have never failed me, which is what drew me to the G-Tech 32TB SSD RAID. Speed, massive storage, and G-Tech reliability.

I had failed to pay attention to the fact that Western Digital had purchased G-Tech.The company that once provided amazing quality and support and wore their love of the Mac on their collective shirtsleeves is gone. Customers running macOS probably represent a very small percentage of their business and clearly the Mac community is not a priority for their team. The rebranded Drive Utility is something of a train wreck. A small but telling example: if you Mac is set to move automatically from Light to Dark mode while the utility is running, the UI essentially disappears. Nice. The Promise team probably finished primary development of that core code years before Light/Dark modes were and thing and no one has bothered to touch it. This is very telling. Even the company they are tacking the software from and rebranding it doesn’t care about the Mac.

I purchased 2 of the 32TB SSD RAIDS. I was saddened to see the same clunky drive utility software repackaged from Promise, but the drives worked flawlessly and delivered great speed.

A few months later I moved to Apple Silicon and ran into trouble. WD was not prepared for the M1 (that’s fair) and even though drive manufacturers had been warned for well over a year by Apple that kExts were not the future, their Promise software needed some coaxing to work.

No worries, the community figured it out before WD did and things were fine. Then Monterey shipped and everything went sideways.

Some folks have managed to download the Promise driver direct from Promise and get their drives working. After paving my Mac twice and working through the promise directions I managed to get the drives to mount. The throughput was greatly reduced, and usually any long-running file operations would fail and the drives would unmount.

Finally last week one of the two drives failed, reporting 4 of the 4TB SSD modules as dead. Data loss, drive dead.

I have little faith that WD will replace this drive (it is 9 months old) nor do I expect much of a change in their support.

Since Monterey shipped, many of us have been reporting issues. First we heard that they were working on it, then we heard Apple was working on it, then we were told to format the drives as ExFat (difficult if it won’t mount and is full with critical data), and now silence.

I worked at Apple for 26 years (just recently went to another company). During my tenure I had the privilege of being the product manager for the iMac, the Mac Pro, several models of MacBook Pros, and many other models of hardware. I knew G-Tech to be a great Apple partner. I trusted them.

I have been told things my WD support that I know to be false (I know the folks at Apple responsible for the Apple side of these issues). I don’t hold the individual support reps at fault. I imagine they are being told what to say and don’t know the truth.

The especially sad part though, is that I will probably have to buy another one of these shoddy drives - there are not many other offerings and I don’t have the time and energy to DIY on a RAID system.

My advice: if you go with any WD product for critical storage - buy two or three of the same device, same capacity. Open and format all three. Put one into your workflow, backup to the second one, and keep the third one handy as a replacement. The promise stack has proven to be unreliable. One is none, two is one, three is convenience and peace of mind.

I could only afford 2 of the 32TB SSD drives and now I am in a tight spot.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for that response.

It seems pretty ludicrous that this has happened. I’ve spoken with Apple tech and they said that there are no RAID systems which they can currently confirm compatibility with the m1 chip and monterey. That’s crazy!

Anyway, I’m still a little unsure of what to do. The apple tech said normal, single drive, external storage devices will work but that’s no a solution for me. I asked them to get back to me in a month, it’s a while before the laptop comes, and let me know if things have changed.

Worst case, I’ve got a large 24tb drive which I can use as backup and then maybe risk getting the g shuttle 24tb and hope for the best…sounds mental even suggesting that as an option…

This is unreal! I just got 2 new M1 Pro and M1 Max laptops & M1 Mac Mini with 10GB Ethernet and was intented to share G-Tech Shuttle XL 70TB drive for new laptops. Hey Apple, what are you doing there!?! I have spent too much money for nothing!

Have you found you can’t connect to the shuttle? I thought there was a “fix” on WD website.

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