G-drive is inaccessible. Wiped memory trying to convert

I had a few gigs of memory on my g drive from my mac. I configured it for windows, but it wiped all my memory. Last 10 years of memories. I didn’t know it wasn’t cross compatible. Now I cant reconfigure it for my mac, Ive tried re-installing the firmware for macOS. My computer would recognize the drive but wouldn’t open its contents, instead would open a blank finder screen with no options. So I read an article about making it cross-compatible, and tried the erase function under the disk utility tab and set format to exFAT and now I can even see the desktop icon. PLS HELP BEFORE I MAKE MY DRIVE COMBUST.

It is possible the icon is overwritten by another on your desktop, also the icon no longer looks like the product when you erase it. It will use the generic USB or whichever interface you use icon instead and usually be orange.

You can also just try to erase it again. In the Disk Utility make sure you have the view box set to show all devices, select our drive in the external section and Erase. Use exFAT for both Mac and Windows.

You can also hook it up to Windows and do it there if you want. exFAT on Windows

Is it just me or have G-Drive standards gone down the tubes since WD involvement??! I bought a 4TB mobile that went bad in less than 6months. Trying to recover the files and then transfer to another drive so I can return the bad one has been a pain in the — !! So I don’t recommend buying a 4TB mobile as a solution to YOUR troubles.