G-DOCK - Mac installation and G-DRIVE SSD Speeds


I am new here and just bought the G-DOCK and G-DRIVE SSD.
Like the brochure explain, for mac users we have first to install the G-Technology Assistant and after install the G-DOCK ev Driver… but the option is not available:

I am using one macbook air with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. This option should be available or not ?

About the speed I get from G-DRIVE SSD:

Using the USB 3.0 cable:

Using the G-DOCK + Thunderboalt cable:

I thought I could get more speed using the G-DOCK + Thunderboalt cable! Only write at 350 MB/s ? using the SSD ??!

On your site (SSD Datasheet) says:

Transfer Rate :
425MB/s when used as a stand-alone drive
500MB/s when used with G-DOCK ev

I have to use a 3rd party software to sync the drives using RAID 1??

From other thread: “For the G-DOCK the best solution is to keep the drives as JBOD (no RAID) and let them mount as individual drives like out of the box. You can than use a 3rd party software to sync them together in a much quicker fashion and it will automatically update itself. The software recommended is Chrono Sync.


The G-Dock is just Thunderbolt 1, You are getting the appropriate speeds for the device.

We don’t recommend using the software RAID of Apple with the device due to stability. Using Chrono Sync to make sure the content is the same is more reliable.

I would like to change the HDD in the two hot swappable disk of my G-Dock Thunderbolt 1 by SSD.
Do you know how to open the EV disks ?