G-dock ev thunderbolt to put my 2 g-drive ev raw ssd



I have 2 1TB g-drive ev raw SSD and I am running low on connection ports in my set up. I am looking to purchase the G-dock ev thunderbolt. But I wanted to check first if I plug both my hard drives in the G-dock, will I lose the speed I am having when I plug my SSD drives directly to my macbook pro or the speed will be the same? Performance is very important for me and I want to make sure my workflow won’t change.

Thanks in advance!


They should remain the same. The Dock is Thunderbolt 1 and the er RAWs are connecting over USB 3.0. In this sense they will have the same throughput.


Alright thanks alot for the info!
And for what I am looking for, is this dock my best option?


If your goal is to have two hooked up to the computer at once and only use one TB cable then yes. Otherwise just plugging them directly into your computer separately is no different.