FREE iPhone Media Controller for all WD TV Live Devices


Based on the DLNA / UPnP Renderer capabilities of the WD TV Live Devices, we have built a Mobile Media Center / Controller. It has Video Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, etc. and it also acts as a UPnP ControlPoint for your local media servers. We named it ZappoTV and it is available for free on the App Store.

I am really looking forward to get your feedback about the functionality, performance etc.




I’ve downloaded the app, however it crashes everytime it tries to detect my device

i’m using a ipod touch with ios 4.2

Hi Shavanni,

That is not so good news. We tested the app on all iOS versions…

We planning an update release before xmas with bugfixes and some interesting new functionality (next to iPod Music to your WDTVLive, you can also stream videos that you shot with your iPhone to the WDTVLive). Can you send me the crashlogs?

You can find the logs here:

Please mail them to and we will look into your bug immediately.

Thanks in advance,


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Just to offset some of the bad news, your App works great on my iPad running iOS 4.2.1 when accessing my Live Hub.

There have been a couple of “wobbles” where it briefly got confused trying to find the Hub, along with some other minor issues that were easily worked around. I’ll try to document them more accurately if / when they happen again.

No show-stoppers so far.

I’ll power up my Live and Plus later to see if it works just as well when connecting to those.

Thanks for the heads-up, this is a great App, more so for being free! :slight_smile:


I just downloaded the app from appstore and tested it on my new WD TV Live Hub.

I got an Iphone 3GS os 4.1, france.

It’s really a good job, thank you guys. Really nice app.


The + :

  • launching from my IPhone of all contents included in my WDTLH to my TV=> replacing the remote controller.

  • launching of contents stocked on my iphone to my TV

  • access to new functionnalities, which should be included in WDTLH but are not : Picasa album, Shoutcast for radios, video podcasts … Simply proving (sorry) that WD could offers this new functions natively on the unit with nice UI :wink:

It really works well for me, no real bugs for the moment.

  • as soon as content is launched no lag for me

The - :

  • It can takes a long time to launch a content, but I suppose it depends on network connection (I have a wifi USB connection)

  • displayed content on tv is not shown at the same time on iphone (photos and videos), it should be great to add it.

  • it will be great to be able to really “share content” = copy and paste content accessed via Iphone and from IPhone / Picasa / Facebook directly to the WD unit … Am I dreaming ?

Keep on doing the good job, if you need feedbacks just ask.

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Sounds exciting… now when is the Android version coming out   :stuck_out_tongue:

Really want to control with my new tablet running Android 2.2 OS.

We are currently working on the Android version… Expect it to be available in February '11.

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Today we submitted the next version (1.1.) to Apple… Something to look out for: you will be able to play the videos taken with your iPhone directly on your WDTVLive/Plus/Hub! Given the xmas break iTunes Connect is having, expect it to be available in the app store first week of January!

Happy Holidays,


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I like the features and look of this app, but it won’t let me install it since I don’t have iOS 4.2.  Any way you could remove that requirement or is that an apple thing?  I’ll definitely pick this up if I can get it on 4.1.2.

I don’t see any way to play content stored on a local USB drive attached to the WDTVlive. For me, that’s the only key feature.

No USB hard drive support? WHY NOT? BTW… if this app was tested on different OS’s, Why tonight does the app Store say that I need ZAPPO TV needs OS 4.2 to run? App store won’t allow me to even download it since I can’t get my iphone OS updated without a functioning computer :frowning: But really, NO USB Hard drive support? That’s where I keep my movies and TV video’s!

Hi, the update (1.1) was mistakenly said only to work on 4.2 onwards. The current version in the app store (1.1.1) is working (again) on all every iOS from 4.0 onwards.

The access for a iPhone app to the data on a USB drive is a far more difficult matter. We need the cooperation with WD to resolve this. We are in contact with the engineers at WD, maybe that we can offer this functionality in the future as well!


i will go to try this :smiley:

I couldn’t get it to work at all.  UPnP is kinda broken in my network, so I have to enter the device URL’s manually.  The PlugPlayer app lets you key in the URL’s, but unfortunately doesn’t.