FREE iPhone Media Controller for the WD TV Live Hub


Based on the DLNA / UPnP Renderer capabilities of the WD TV Live Devices, we have built a Mobile Media Center / Controller. It has Video Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, etc. and it also acts as a UPnP ControlPoint for your local media servers. We named it ZappoTV and it is available for free on the App Store.

I am really looking forward to get your feedback about the functionality, performance etc.


Trying this out now on my iPad (iOS 4.2.1).

First question: will there be an iPad interface somewhere down the line?

YouTube interface is nice and simple… Is it my imagination or are the videos streaming in HD?

SHOUTcast radio support is nice, interface works well. Is there any way currently (or planned) to add a radio stream URL?

Liking it so far.

Hi Jeevo,

unfortunately after downloading the app and creating an account the app keep crashing when I sign in. I get a brief glimpse of the set up screen and then the app crashes out. I look forward to an update that corrects this.



Hi PixelPower,

Yes, there will  be an iPad specific version early 2011. First on the list is the Android version for the moment. YouTube we support multiple formats. In the update that will be in the app store before xmas, you can actually choose which format you want to play (same as on the YouTube site).

Anyway, if you have some suggestions about extra functionality / content, let us know at



Hi Costeta,

That is not so good news. We tested the app extensively, but I guess you can never simulate every possibility.

We planning an update release before xmas with bugfixes and some interesting new functionality (next to iPod Music to your WDTVLive, you can also stream videos that you shot with your iPhone to the WDTVLive). Can you send me the crashlogs?

You can find the logs here:

Please mail them to and we will look into your bug immediately.

Done. Thank you Jeevo

looks interesting, i’ll have to give one of them a try, at least one of the free ones.

Just keeps crashing mate. Using iphone4 and live hub

We haven’t got any crashlogs from iTunes Connect yet… so if you can send them to me directly, we can analyse, bugfix and bring out an update of the app before xmas…

Can you send the logs to info (at) zappo dot tv?

Thanks in advance,


Wouldn’t know where to begin with that Jeevo.

It is not that difficult. First you need to attach the iPhone to your computer and start iTunes. Then sync the iPhone with iTunes (just as you would do to sync your music between the iPhone and the computer).

Then, depending on what operating system you use (WinXP / Vista / 7 or MAC OS), you can find the crashlogs here:

When you have them, just attach them to an email to info (at) zappo dot tv. When start with fixing this straight a way instead of waiting another week or so to get some crashlogs from Apple directly…


Yesterday I started a mkv file ob the WD TV Live hub. Unter “now Playing”  the functions Fast Rewind, Fast Forward, do not work.  I think fast forward and fast rewind are the right and the left buttons on the bar displayed unter “now Playing”. The second thing if i go forward in the progress bar displayed unter “now playing” the mkv file does not follow (it does not go forward to the point on the progress bar ). I need advice.

Kind regards

Hi Klausi,

I checked it myself this morning. I downloaded a .mkv file onto my WD MyBookWorld, which comes standard with the TwonkyMedia server.

After starting the MKV file, the trickplay works normally, by using the blue slider bar.

At the moment the FFWD and REV buttons do not have a function, that is for later when we are going to support playlists.

So trickplay should work with the slider bar.

When it doesn’t the reason could be:

  1. WD TV Live / Hub / Plus should be on the latest firmware

  2. Your DLNA Server does not support trickplay

  3. The MKV file has no index. This means that there is no timing information as meta data available in the file itself.

The ZappoTV app just gives pointers to the DLNA server and the WD TV Live. If the DLNA server (or the WD TV Live) can’t comply, then there is nothing we can do about it…

Hope this helps,


  1. latest firmware ist installed

  2. The DLNA Server comes with the WD TV Live Hub ( TwonkyMedia Server). I do not know if TwonkeyMedia Server supports trickplay. You must know the answer to that question :slight_smile:

  3. Today I will try different mkv files. I can move the blue slider bar. But the movie (mkv) do not jump to the point i moved the slider bar.

klausi wrote:

  1. Today I will try different mkv files. I can move the blue slider bar. But the movie (mkv) do not jump to the point i moved the slider bar.

As JEEVO said, that’s the file, not the application.

Many downloads have no indexing at all and can’t be FF/REV or resumed – they’re play only.  Others have abysmally long sequences, and FF/REV and resume can be 5 or 10 or 20 minutes off from where you want playback to occur.

With sufficient sequence headers in the file, the random access should work as advertised.