Formatting WD Blue 500Gb

Novice at this:

Had my dell Dem4600 for several years. I have all the original and program disks so that is no problem.  I replaced 160Gb HD to a 500Gb Caviar. During set up I chose to split the drive and things went downhill from there. I now have a 225 GB hard drive on “F” as primary. Tried using the Windows XP Reinstallation disk that came with PC and it will not let me delete the drive or format the entire disk.

Is there any way I can start all over or can someone offer suggestions on how to get back on the right track?



Write zeros to the drive to fully wipe everything out than let windows reformat the drive durring install. Multiple partitions are pointless today so keep everything on the drive to a single partition. If you want to “split” your space, get a secondary drive to use. I heard WD just released a 3TB drive so that could be a good option for a storage drive.