Folder Size After Copying to New External Hard Drive

I purchased a ne My Book 4TB external hard drive to backup my digital photos. In checking the folder sizes between my desktop hard drive and the new external hard drive there is a significant difference. On my desktop the size on file size and size on disk are nearly the same. On the new external hard drive the file size is 106GB and the size on disk is 112GB a significant difference in my opinion. I have not seen this significant difference on my other 6 My Book external hard drives. All of the files I have made backups t the new external hard drive are exhibiting this significant difference between size and size on disk. The number of files and folders are the same for the file on my desktop drive and the external hard drive. Why the significant difference in size. I appreciate your help with this issue. Patrick Wentzel

The files were manually copied to the new external hard drive.

The drive is formatted to the exFAT file system out of the box. Could this be the issue?

Yeah, it could be. Depends on the allocation size. That might make a difference. Also, it’s possible that the files sizes change as well. If so, then the differences in file sizes should make up the overall difference, relatively speaking.

I reformatted the drive to NFTS with defaulted to 4096. Everything is good now. This is the first Western Digital external hard drive that I’ve this issue with. They’ve always worked on my Windows 7 system straight out of the box. Bill_S thanks for taking time to make a reply.


you’re welcome.