The number of files and folders increase while copied from older My Book to a brand new one!?


We have several WD My Books 1,5 tb, 3tb, 4tb and the newest one arrived today My Book 6tb.

We try to backup only the most important files and folders to My Book 6tb to backup all the three smaller My Books.

But an odd problem happens:


“Our Excel files” is one of our main folder,
size 4,10 GB (4 403 302 400 bits)
including 1 089 files in 181 folders

But while backuped into the new My Book 6 TB

“Our Excel files” oddly has increased in size up to
7,15 GB (7 686 901 760 bits)
including 2402 files in 307 folders

When I inspect what ever one folder at a time that folder
on both My Books has excactly the same numbers of files
and has as many bits on both My Books. e.g 15 files and 2 folders.

However in case have a look at the details (nouse right)of the main folder the copied folder structure is almost double in size
and the number of the folders has increase from 181 up to 307 folders.

What is going on?

This kind of problem has never accured while coping e.g. from My Book 3 TB
to My Book 4 TB.

What might be the explanation?
Is our brand new My Book broken somehow?
Is one of My Books unable to count correctly the number of the files and folders?

Would it be possible that either the older 4 TB My Book
or new My Book 6 TB could not count the numbers of all files and folders correctly?

The older 4 TB My Book is quite full of data
Total of 3,63 TB ( sold as 4,0TB) has free space 641 GB (not red signed yet in Windows explorer)

Something is not ok! But what is the problem?
Is that new disk ok?

This odd problem worries me while the newest harddisk was supposed to the new backup harddisk for all of our family treasures.

Thank You so much for all possible points of view!

How were the files transferred from old unit to the new unit? Did you manually copy the files and used the paste option into the new hard drive? Or did you use a backup program to handle the process?

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Thank You for your comment!

I copied folders Crtl + C ( My Book 4 TB)

and then

Pasted Crtl + V ( My Book 6 TB)

I have been thinging whether it would somehow be possbile to use WD programs to backup from one My Book to another My Book. But thought it would not be possible. Actually I not know very well WD programs. The one I know backups My laptop C disk to My Book 4 TB.

Very interesting incase it would be possible somehow to backup one My Book via laptop to another My Book. These our My Books are not raid or Duo My Books but singel ones.

Very much thank you for all hints and further advice!

Ps. I just realized this: It seems to be possible to backup WD My Book 4TB to WD My Book 6tb via program called WD Backup. Our first My Books 1,5 TB and 3 TB are rather old! It might be that at that time WD did not provide a program which would have backuped andother My Book? At least I have understood that one should buy a raid for that purpose?