Large size on disk of file on WD My Book New 8 To

Hello everyone, I have several WD My Passport so I bought this WD My Book New 8To to make a copy of them but when i began to copy files into the 8 To external drive I noticed than the size on disk of files were 1.5 times bigger than the size of files so I wanted to know if it was normal. I saw that My Passport external drive are NTFS system while WD My Book New 8 To is exFAT system so is this system difference is responsible of the disk on size problem. Is there a way to fix this problem because as i have a large amount of files to copy it will be a big problem for me.

Size is for the file itself in bytes, while Size on disk is what it takes in your overall system based on clusters or groups of sectors. Size on Disk appears to be larger because it counts the total size of clusters occupied by said file even if there’s only a portion of a cluster involved.

As long as size does not exceed available space you will be able to safely copy/move/consolidate your files into your new 8TB unit.