Flexget(Auto Torrent download) install basic Guide


So after some work i’ve gotten “flexget” to work on the ed cloud drive. I had been inquriing about it on these forums, but no one helped, so i helped myself and now would like to help others. This is a very basic guide, feel free to make it look nice and create a new thread.

Thank me if this was helpful :slight_smile:

******This voids warranty, I’m not responsible for any of your losses etc etc…*******

This was done on WD drive running an older firmware, NOT 4.x… release

I have successfully been able to get get flexget get working on the WD my cloud drive…

Note, I had Transmission already installed and setup before. Just had to install “transmissionrpc” to make it work with flex

basically the steps were something like:

  1. Log in through ssh
  2. Remove wd-nas component links in dpkg database:
    rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/info/wd-nas.*

 3. Run the following commands:

apt-get update  

apt-get install python-pip

pip install flexget

pip install transmissionrpc

easy_install --upgrade transmissionrpc

Once installed. Flexget requires a “config.yml” file to be read. When launched, by default it looks at /root/.flexget/config.yml

 To launch flexget run: /usr/local/bin/flexget execute

NOTE: the config.yml can be an insaley complicated file and its ridiculously customizable. Im using a pretty simple config. Read on flexget’s site for guides and stuff.

My “Config.yml” file:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4883446/config.yml

Please note that i just got this working and there might be some errors in my config file. However it seems to be functioning fine for the most part.

Some things to keep in mind:

1- if the config file is bad, flexget wont even launch and you will see errors righaway.

2- The indentation (tabs) in the config file are MANDATORY and have to be in a certain format. Read flex get’s wiki on that.

Thanks for sharing. 

Nice disclaimer :manvery-happy:

someone tried this with the new firmware? 4.0x?

SO after a disk de bricking…im using my own guide to install Felxget and im getting this warning. It probably doesnt cause any issue but i would like to resolve the issue. Any ideas?

Installing collected packages: flexget
Running setup.py install for flexget
warning: no previously-included files matching ‘*’ found under directory ‘tests’
Installing flexget script to /usr/local/bin
Successfully installed flexget

Cleaning up…
nas1:/shares/data# flexget -V
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pkg_resources.py:2443: PEP440Warning: ‘distribute (0.6.24dev-r0)’ is being parsed as a legacy, non PEP 440, version. You may find odd behavior and sort order. In particular it will be sorted as less than 0.0. It is recommend to migrate to PEP 440 compatible versions.
You are on the latest release.

EDIT: i believe i resolved the issue by running: apt-get install python-pip --upgrade

What would you use this program for?

Wormvortex wrote:
What would you use this program for?

Google for “flexget”. Basically you tell this program shows you like and it can download them automatically once their torrent pops up on your monitored fottrent feeds…