Firmware v04.00.01-623: translation issue (SWE)

I just got the My Cloud 3TB NAS. It immediately auto-updated to this firmware and once done I started to browse the application interface. I found an option to change language from default english to my own language - swedish. (I don’t have a problem using english, but you know, if my own language is provided I prefer to use that.)

I wante to pint out two very obvious errors I saw. For me they are annoying. For you, WD, they are embarassing.

On the desktop application main page there’s a little box announcing how much free space there’s left on the My Cloud device. In english it would say “2.9 TB free”. In the swedish translation it says “2.9 TB Gratis”. This is gramatically incorrect on several levels:

  1. Numbers in swedish are separated by commas, not “periods”.
  2. The word “Gratis” can NOT be used in this context! “Gratis” means somethins is given away for free - it is not synonymous with the meaning “free space”. The correct word here is “ledigt”.
  3. Please not that the word “ledigt” is NOT written with a capital L, this would also be gramattically incorrect.

The second issue is that under the Settings menu the name of the current month (September) turns up in sámi. Whilst being geographically close, sámi really is a completely different language with no common stem to swedish. Please also note that names of months are not written with a capital first letter in swedish. (Unless they’re the first word in a sentence, obviously.)

It would be nice if you could please correct these errors in your next update, WD. If you need help proofreading english–> swedish feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help you out!

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We have passed this along to support.

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Still same problem i noticed. Ie months written in sami language instead of in swedish. There are probably more people in Sweden speaking arabic than sami!

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The problem is still not resolved (v04.01.03-421). They have had knowledge about this for over a year, and you would think such a change would be rather easy to fix. I guess the Swedish customers are not important enough to WD.