Stupid System Log Entries

Since updating to 2.10.310, I’ve noticed that the system log entries contain spelling errors. I’ve attached a screen shot, but whoever checked this release clearly missed it logging Nov (for November) as Mov! How the hell was that missed!

Come on WD, put some effort into actually checking firmware BEFORE you release it and FIXING the problems! AND FIX THAT STUPID LED BEHAVIOUR!

I now see I’m not the first to spot this. I tried a search but clearly WD are as bad at writing forum software as they are at NAS firmware. Wish I’d bought something else…


Thanks for letting us know about this case.

We have passed this along to support.

Thanks ERmorel, I’ve already opened a support case about this:

WD Case ([Deleted]) - [[ ref:_00DU00Jpn7._500U0PckjU:ref]


Glad to hear that.

Let the community know about any updates.

Will do… Don’t hold your breath though, you’ll go blue! LOL