Firmware upgrade failing on mycloud

Hi, I am trying to upgrade Firmware but it keeps failing with the attached messages - as you can see the advice is to contact WD support - any clue as to what to do?

Try, if you haven’t done so already, downloading the firmware file from the WD Support My Cloud Downloads ( and then update manually using the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Manual Update > Update from file button.

Direct link to Firmware Release 04.05.00-334 (03/12/2019):

Could be anything, high memory, high cpu, drive errors.
Try this

  • disable remote access
  • disable Twonky
  • disable iTunes Server
  • enable SSH (just in case)
  • reboot the My Cloud
  • access the dashboard
  • try the firmware update now

Thanks for the prompt reply !. I thought I would try this before fiddling with any settings, and then decided i better do the backup before doing the upgrade so i setup a new safe point and set it running. It kept crashing out with the errors detailed below. I have no idea why I am getting these errors as the Backup drive is attached by USB and as can be seen from the screen prints the wifi connection is full strength and besides the MyCloud is attached to the router by cable…I have checked the ip assignment on the router and there are not clashes with other devices on the network either…so in summary i can’t do the firmware copy and upload manually until i have done a backup and i can’t do a backup because of the new errors i am getting??

Thanks socallinux. Im gonna try the manual upload first and if it doesn’t work then start fiddling with the settings as i am not confident about what i am doing on that front…so i’ll pocket your suggestion for the moment. I do have a suspicion there is a networking issue somewhere however i know the wifi is full strength the cable connecting the wifi to the router is okay and there are no clashes with other devices on the network so…i’ll get back to you.Thanks again.