Firmware 2.02.32 Bugs (Lots of Problems need fixing ASAP)

Its an interesting point: where does the externally supplied code for an app end and where does WD responsibility start. Quite how much hammering WD have to do to integrate external software intrigues me: is there some common api WD support and YouTube code to or is it a more proprietary interface for each app. Even then it can be quite… political who got it wrong when division of responsibilities is complex: I return an error/u must free this type issues across an interface.

“We have passed this along to support”


They’re certainly doubling their efforts cause you keep up your whining. Yeah, right.

With the latest firmware, no codec seems to work.  No matter what type of content I try to view (.wmv, mkv, etc.) the player just stalls wtih the circling arrow on the screen.  This happens when viewing network share or locally attached hard drive. QUIT BREAKING THE PLAYER!!!  It is useless to me now.

Although mp4 video file is brocken it is only for a few files, unless u r very unlucky. If u r having issues with all your video files of all types I think u are suffering from the other major problem with the latest release: the memory leaks in YouTube and other apps. Make sure u do a hard reboot (5s power button press on remote or via setup/System/Device Restart) to truly reset the box makeing all its memory available for video decoding. The other thing you may need to do a one off clear your settings with a Device Reset as this can affect u after a software update in very weird ways I have heard. Don’t give up on it yet, but yes an update is needed.

mercator1 wrote:

With the latest firmware, no codec seems to work.

It’s either  this or one bad file that blocks playback of any good file until the player is power-cycled. Do that, and it’ll work again.


With the newest 2.02.32 Vimeo app disappeared in service. So I have rolled back the firmware to “Firmware Ver. 2.01.86” and Vimeo apears and works fine. But when I upgrade the firmware again (2.02.32), Vimeo disapears again. So I stay in 2.01.86 but it’s not a solution.

see my reply … and please don’t double post.  thanks

I’ve not seen anyone post the obvious:

I own a “Hub” and a “Plus” and both were left with wonky firmware when they were discontinued. As the “Streaming Player” is no longer listed on the WD website as a current product I’d not be surprised to see us S.O.L. once again :frowning: .

It’s been a long time now, is the fix ready to download?

Wouldn’t it be mentioned here if it were?

We are now into March 2015. This firmware *still* causes me many headaches.

Can we have an update on where the new firmware is in the process that will replace this terrible release?

arjones85 wrote:

We are now into March 2015. This firmware *still* causes me many headaches.


Can we have an update on where the new firmware is in the process that will replace this terrible release?

Since it’s a discontinued product how does “never” sound? :frowning:

It’s been a **bleep** of a long time now, a little feedback from the devs would have been nice

my motherboards uefi bios has more updates than this and the firmware is bigger :neutral_face:

In case yous guys thought I was joking, this is my third WD TV product and all stopped getting updates when they were discontinued. C’est la vie :frowning: .

WD have in the past continued firmware releases for old products - for a time.

Indeed the last firmware for the WD Live Streaming (August 2014) was essentially that of one released for its replacement the WD TV (less Netflix) done only a few weeks earlier. I suspect the two boxes are identical inside as we gained a shed load on free enhancements - unfortunately along with those annoying bugs we are all suffering from.

So, I still feel positive we can get bug fixes from them as rebuilds should be trivial and they can use the new box as a test bed for the old box… probably. But it has been a while, and the longer this goes on for the less likely we will ever get a new build. WD have not stated one way or the other… yet!

So live in hope, and reboot 5 times a day, minimum! :confounded:

At RoadRanger

if so then a heads up from the makers would be nice so i can go get a minix x8

also if they have give up on it then they should unlock the firmware so users that know how can fix it themselves

i’m starting to think your right :confounded:


"So live in hope, and reboot 5 times a day, minimum!"

if i use my usb hdd and netflix only, then its usable with a 2x a day restart

if i use anything else them it’s many restarts or i get lockups

i got so sick of it i got this…

Well, you could try and provide info for this, so it might be possible to narrow things down.

wasn’t aware the feedback had been spit

anyway the balls in their court, not ours

it’s time they gave us the fix as they have had the info we all have provided over the months

with more powerfull boxes coming out it may be time to move to a new box

It’s fine if you don’t want to do WD’s work for them. Still, there hasn’t been enough info provided to get to the bottom of why some people need to reboot constanly while others have been unaffected since day 1.