Firmware 1.01.26 for WD TV Gen 2 (WDBPUF0000NBK-00)

For a few days new firmware was available for the latest WD TV, version 1.01.26. Now the link has been removed, and points me to the WD home page. A WDTV with 1.00.42 does not find any new firmware either.

Does anyone know what is happening here? Has 1.01.26 been withdrawn? Is anything wrong with this firmware version?

most likely a beta that accidently got posted

I have that firmware and wanted to dowload it again for a backup but the link was broken. I emailed WD and got this Yoda-like reply:

“I understand that form this moment the firmware has been removed form the website.
Very soon will this be available again. Our apologies for the inconvenience.”

I think this update is buggy. My player freezes pretty often.

in my unit is working just fine 1.01.26

downloaded from wd website 1 -AUG

yep and now the link of the firmware is redirecting… to another WD webpage

Am after some information about v 1.01.26 if possible please:

I previously owned a WDTV Live SMP and the upgrade to version 2.02.32 meant that local media (ie MKV files on a usb HDD) would no longer work.  Rolling back to 2.01.86 fixed this.

I have just purchased a WDTV Media Player and out of the box it did not have iplayer on.  I updated to firmware 1.01.30 and had a similar problem with the older box in that local media does not play after watching iplayer

My question(s!) is:

Does the WDTV Media Player work well with version 1.01.26, and specifically will I be able to load up files off of my hard drive after watching iplayer?  (without getting all post-modern, i “know” the files are fine/not corrupted/able to play on variety of WDTV boxes, just not with latest firmware!)

Any input about 1.01.26 would be much appreciated (does seem strange why it was removed for 1.01.30 so soon after, with no reference to it - is there a fatal flaw in it?  As I said in another thread, I do not want a brick!)

Many thanks


Here’s the download link (found after a 2 second gOOgle search)  :wink:

to install it, you’ll need to edit the contents *ver file … eg. from  VERSION=‘1.01.26’  to  VERSION=‘2.01.26’

once installed the about screen will display the correct version number *see pic

initial thoughts (after a 5 minute test)

  • No, it won’t *brick* your device
  • No, *some* mp4’s will still not play  (my test mp4 plays fine on older devices eg. Live Hub, Old Live)

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Thanks for that, much appreciated

Had found the firmware (from same server as you linked, but linked from a french site full of drivers) and have rolled back firmware on other boxes but nonetheless is always helpful to have quick reminders, so thanks also.

My main concern was that the firmware was buggy (gasp!) but to an extent that they were strongly discouraging its use. If you do develop any problems with it and could post that would be great

Best wishes


Is there a problem with1.01.26? It’s not exactly stable but it works. Should I be rolling back?

Well, people are reporting stability issues across the board (most relating to Online Services / Memory Leaks etc)

So, you only have 2 Choices…

1)  Rollback to 1.00.42,-wd-tv-live

2)  Upgrade to 1.01.30

If you still have stability issues … then you’ll have to wait for WD to release new firmware (which will hopefully fix things)

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How are those versions so low…Mine has 2.02.32 and you’re talking about 1.01xxx?? And even mine which must somehow have come from the future still **bleep** w/regard to mp4’s and staying connected.

…because this forum is for a different hardware than you have.

TonyPh12345 wrote:
…because this forum is for a different hardware than you have.

Well…excuse me…But the forum is just marked WD TV Media Player, not a specific year or model.

The names are different. You have the WD TV Live. The forum names match,