Finding the right files and file names when using WD2Go on the Iphone and Ipad

I am currently using the WD2Go app on my iphone.  When initially setting up my hard drive I created a private folder. So now I have a public and a private folder to utilize. Currently all files have been loaded under the private folder.

When I go into the private folder, I am forced to go through a ton of sub folders (very irritating).  I did not create any of the subfolders. Once I get through 4 layers of subfolders a bunch of other subfolders are available for me to choose from.  All of those subfolders have what I term as “gibberish” for folder names. I have no idea where my files are located.  Each time I go in, it is like being part of a “who done it” movie.  Once I get to a actual files I find that unless it music, they have gibberish for a name. 

How do I eliminate all of the folders, eliminate the gibberish file names and more importantly access the files I need to based on the names that I gave them inititally when adding them on my computer? 

Can you take a screenshot of your iPad and post it to some place like Imageshack or sendspace?  I’ve never seen anything like what you describe.

I have pretty much resolved my issue by removing all existing files and then re-installing files one folder at a time onto the drive.  

I would have posted a screen shot of what I was looking at but could not figure out how to do it.