WD2go Pro - clipped folders

Hi, I have the Pro version of the app on my ipad and so far I used it with no issues. But the clip function does raise some questions recently:

  1. When clipped, the folders still requires me to ‘sync’ everytime? I have to tap on it often to get it to ‘download’. One of my folders are larger, and system shows the clip as greyed out, and I cant unclip or clip it. Kind of freezes.

I always thought once i clipped the folder, the app will automatically sync everytime.

  1. Which brings me to the next problem. The app is supposed to sync and allow offline viewing. But when I went overseas and with no internet connection, the app on the ipad refuses to launch and I could not access my folders. Is that the right behaviour or should I have to restart my ipad?

are you downloading the files to your ipad?  or are you just marking folders as favorites? 

i clipped the folders in the app on my ipad. I presume its to indicate i want to download?