Files overwrite alert?


I am having huge difficulties in making my first backup to my MyCloud, the main reason being that I could not establish a drive letter as direct link to MyCloud. I’m pretty blocked there.

I am slowly backupping my PC content onto MyCloudby using the “WD My Cloud” software, which is really annoying and error-prone.
 The PC got stuck in the middle of hour-long and nightly transfers, without any knowledge of what was and what was not transferred.

Therefore, a very simple question: if a file named XY exists on MyCloud, and you try to transfer a file of the same name, there is currently no alert: it is simnply overwritten. Is there a way to let MyCloud pop up an alert, so that I can skip that file?

This way, I could save a lot of time, and trasfer the missing files only.



If you have set up everything correctly, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to map the etwork drive on your computer. 

If the IP if my cloud is and your share is MyBackup for example, then you should be able to map it using 


Map it onto your PC and then use Windows back up feature or something, instead of using the WD Software.

Here are some screenshots about how to map your share as network drive:

Hello and thanks to both.

Unfortunately I had opened a still unsolved thread because I cannot map the network drive. Somethink seems wrong in my PC. Therefore I wanted to do a backup before formatting and reinstalling everything…but it’s a real pain to do a backup without a proper tool!

If you could give good advice on my network map issue, I will very happily receive your wisdom :

Thanks again


edox, I just added a post to your other thread re: mapping drive issue.