Use of USB Expansion on WD My Cloud

I am shopping to buy a new WD My Cloud 3TB drive. I am wondering how does the expansion usb slot work if I connect say another 2TB or a 3TB drive in the expansion slot. Will I just then show a total of the 3TB plus the additional or will it show as a separate drive letter.  I am trying to figure out this to best buy for my needs as backup use.

Also, will the My Cloud function on my home network as a media server same as the My Book Live?  Appreciate any advise and help here.


it won’t add any space to the total available space you see in the dashboard but it will be available as separate share.

This means:

  • The external hard disk is accessable as network share
  • Media Indexing and DLNA is available (media server) for the external hard disk (and also for the internal one of course)
  • You can set permissions for the external hard disk
  • It behaves like a second hard disk with all the features you have with the built-in disk

Here are some screenshots how the external hard drive is displayed on the dashboard:

Thank you, very helpful. 

Just wondering, with the expansion show as a separate drive letter on “My Computer” and I will be able to tell

available space etc?

Yes this is possible you can map every Share as Network Drive (with drive letter) and it will also tell you how much space is left.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-03 um 02.50.07.png

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-03 um 02.50.26.png

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-03 um 02.51.03.png

Many thanks!!!

Hey there, 

I’m actually wondering the same thing but only on a Mac. 

I have a 2TB WD Network drive and I a few programs to automatically download data to specific folders on it. I was wondering if I bought another 2 TB drive and connected it VIA USB to the first WD Network drive, will it act as two separate drives or will it act as one drive, meaning I wouldn’t have to redirect the download paths.