Faster Way to Move Files within EX2100

I’m connecting to my EX2100 from my Macbook using my home network. OSX is Mavericks. When I moved files between one folder to another, it’s very slow. Almost like copying files rather than just moving them (these files are big, each one approx 400MB to 1GB or so).

Is there a faster way to move them?

I believe it is slow, because the file is first copying over the network to your computer, and then back over the network to the new location. You can move the file directly on the NAS by logging into the browser UI or using the WD My Cloud desktop app if available for your OS.

There is a way to copy very fast internal:

  1. go to your dashboard.
  2. go to “apps”
  3. go to “web file viewer”
    -> move your file with that interface -> enjoy

Thank you both. I will try out your suggestions.

Unfortunately, my EX2100 died. This morning I noticed the unit had powered off. I then realised the power adapter light was not lit. Plugged it to a different socket and still no joy. I will have to contact WD on this (still under warranty). Hopefully my files are still OK :frowning: