External Harddisk not detecting


I’ve a 2TB external WD Passport HDD. It was absolutely working fine till last week. When I tried connecting it to my laptop, I was shocked to see that the HDD was not detected. I tried connecting it to other PCs and Laptops with no luck. 

Also I can hear/feel the disk is spining. I have all my sensitive data backed up to this drive and desperately looking to retrieve the same. Can you please help me in resolving this issue at the earliest, as I have few of my official stuffs stored. 

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If this hard drive has a backup of your data, then are you able to access the primary copy/source? Also, is your hard drive detected in Windows Disk Management even though it does not mount on Windows Explorer?


The data which is there in this WD Passport drive is my primary source and I don’t have any copy of that data. I tried looking into the device manager and found no hard drive detected. It shows only the C drive. 

After connecting the Hard disk to the laptop, the LED starts blinking, could feel the disk is spinning and after a minute I could hear a “click” sound. 

Is there any recovery software that I need to use? Is there any other suggestions that you can suggest me?

Thanks in advance. 



Try another USB cable no longer than the original and don’t connect through a hub.


I have 2tb mybook.i have backedup some data on it.now when i connected it is not detected by my computer.device manager showing as mybook.first its capacity shown as around 2 tb.storage managent showed it as uninitialised.now capacity is shown as 0.is it locked.how to access it.pl advise