WD My Passport 1TB hard drive not detected in computer

Hi all,

I’m unable to detect my WD Passport 1TB HDD in “My Computer”.

It was working fine but last month when I connect it to my Windows Vista
laptop, I can see the White light keep blinking on the HDD but it
doesn’t show up in “My Computer”.

As I connect it to my laptop and open “My Computer” it just freezes everything until I unplugged it.

I’ve tried checking it in the disk management but it doesn’t shows up there as well.

I’ve tried to switch to another USB cable but still the same issue.

I’ve also tried to connect the HDD to another computer yet the same issue happened.

I can hear the sounds of the HDD operating (disk spinning) and the blue lights is blinking every time I connect it to laptop.

Anyone have the same issue?

I manage to recover the data now I want to format the HDD but I can’t as it’s not detected in laptop.

Does anyone knows any software by which I can get it formatted? Or any other solution?

Thanks in advance.


Based on the information you have provided, I believe this drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

Check the warranty at the link below.