"WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard drive" HAS STOPPED DETECTING in My Computer/Disk Management/Device Manager

Hello everyone,

SUBJECT: “WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard drive” HAS STOPPED DETECTING in My Computer/Disk Management/Device Manager


I am using “WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard drive”.
It was working fine. Suddenly it stopped detecting in my computer as well as in disk management or device manager. The light is ON and stable when plugged in with the laptop/PC. And there is normal vibration too (normally which is felt when the drive is plugged in) which indicates it is not dead and still working which means there is still a good hope.

It got detected twice after this problem. In first case, when I tried copying something, it stopped detecting and the light became stable and while opening the hard drive it showed folder is empty. Next time when it got detected, it showed all the files and folders which means data is not lost(What a relief…!!). When I tried copying(when it was detected again), only one file was copied and the light was stable again (which should blink in normal case) and the external drive stopped showing up(detecting).

NOTE: There is no history of fall or any such thing which can damage the external HDD.

I have tried all the possible ways.
Tried using a different data cable.
Plugged the hard drive in another laptop/PC but still it did not show up in My Computer/Disk Management/Device Manager.

I have contacted WD customer support (as it is still under warranty) and informed about the same. They told me that WD does not provide data recovery service. But I got mail from WD that I can show this Hard drive for data recovery/repair and still it will be under warranty. But I don’t know to what extent I can rely on local repair service as there is no WD center here and data is really important.

The executive told me that they can replace the product as it is still under warranty. But the question is not about replacement it is about the DATA. The data is VERY IMPORTANT as it has all my study related data, my research, photographs, work related data, etc

And I know you can never rely on one storage. This was my backup as one of my laptop stopped working. And now this hard drive is causing problem and so even my backup or say now the only data I had is not at all accessible. :frowning: :frowning:

Can anyone help me or suggest something??

It would be really very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps this KB articles can help you to understand the warranty policies on WD products.