External Hard Drive not powering up

My WD External Hard Drive is having a power issue. I get power to the device (checked with a meter). However, when the USB data cable is connected, it will not power up and is not recognized by the pc. There is no blue power light. It’s almost as though there is an issue with the data port. I have tried other data cords and have the same result. Any suggestions?

Forgot to mention/ask…Should the disc/hardrive power up when plugged in or when the the data cable is connected the pc? Because, although I get power throught the power cable, I’ve heard that the transformer may not be sending enough power to power or spin the device. Is this correct? I get no power light either way.

Hi, welcome to the community.

The newer drives turn on when you have the power cord and the USB connected at the same time. Which model do you have?

I started having the same problem when I plug it into my computer,got it to work a couple of times by moving my passport around till it works,real pain and scared to loose everything,I was planning on buying another one and trying the cord ,because thats what I thought it was ,but reading your coment maybe I should buy something else.

I hope someone has answers.

also I used to plug it into my blueray to watch shows from it ,now it will not work on that either.

My light comes on and I can feel the drive moving inside ,when it works as long as I don’t touch or move it it’s fine.

It’s about 6 years old but has always worked great…until now. Model number WD3200H1U-00