External Hard Dirves: Multiple Instances Created

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First post for me in this forum. I’ve looked for help on this issue and can’t seem to find it yet.

I have several external hard drives connected through a USB hub to the single USB connection on the back of the WD MyCloud. For some reason, when I have to reboot the device, a new instance of each external hard drive is created. See the images below. Is there any way to remove these unused instances? Thank you for the help!

The My Cloud creating multiple duplicate USB hard drive entries has been discussed in the past. The workaround is to eject each of the USB drives through the My Cloud Dashboard. Then access the Shares page in the My Cloud Dashboard and remove any duplicate USB Share names. Then reattach each USB drive to the My Cloud. Then rename the Share name in the Dashboard Share page back to the original USB drive name. See just a few the following discussions for more information. More can be found using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right.





Thanks very much Bennor! Exactly what I was looking for. I’d been exclusively using the app on my computer and hadn’t even tried the online dashboard yet.

For local network access to the My Cloud one does NOT need to use the My Cloud Desktop program or the MyCloud.com web portal. It is better to simply use Windows Internet Explorer or Mac Finder for local access. Even better is to simply “map” the My Cloud to one’s local computer. Generally one only needs to use the My Cloud Desktop program and MyCloud.com web portal when accessing their My Cloud from a remote location.



The computer that I’m working with is a work computer and on the company’s
VPN. So technically I was working remotely.