Expand Capacity Not Working

I recently upgraded my 3TB raid 1 disks to 4TB drives. The data is all copied over and the NAS sees 2 4TB disks. I went into storage- raid - change raid mode - raid 1 - expand capacity. It said expanding under status for several hours, but the array capacity is still only showing 3 TB. Any ideas?

It seems that My Cloud device has not completed the process of expanding the RAID, due to which it is showing the 3TB RAID capacity. You should leave the device and wait for the RAID expanding process to complete the process.

I left it for a week and tried again. It’s not working.

It would be best to contact WD’s Technical Support in this concern.

Contact WD Support

I ended up manually copying the data to a usb drive, blowing away the array and recreating it and manually copying the data back.