exFAT issue

I am trying to format my new WD Elements 1TB drive to use with new MacBook Pro but getting the following error when I try to erase using exFAT.

Any suggestions on how to over come this problem?


Unmounting Disk
Media Kit reports not enough space on dev ice for requested operation
Operation failed

there is plenty of space on the drive

Hi hoops,

You can have a look at this KBA:

I have the same issue. JUST received my new 4TB WD My Passport (new model) and needed to use disk utility to reformat to ExFAT. Same message. No other app is using it. Followed those instructions for installation and reformat.

FORGET about OS disk utility. Use WD app, “WD Drive Utilities.” Under “Drive Erase” you have all options to reformat. Worked for me!