EX4100: undelete shares or files (RAID1)

Hello all, simple situation with a perhaps complicated solution, do you have some hints ?

Question: How to recover files form a deleted share on a RAID1 Volume ?

The story:

I recently purchased a WD MyCloud EX4100 NAS.

Since I already had a few 3.5 WD HDDs I decided to use the following storage configuration:

        2 x 4TB as RAID1 volume and 2 x 3TB as RAID1 volume, all formatted with EX4.

The two Volumes were created successfully and I created several shares into which I moved my data.

After a while I saw that additional shares had been created on the volumes, only with numbers added at the end of the share name. This looked strange to me and so I deleted the shares - included the shares I had created -. I was not aware, that by this action, the files in this share would also be deleted (After consulting the manual, now I know that this was not such a good idea).

Since after deletion of the share, all data seemed to be lost, I tried several approaches to recover that data.

Putting all two HDDs from one RAID1 into a Windows computer and

      - trying to recover the RAID partitions to get folders or files
      - trying to undelete the files with different tools

lead to no satisfied solution.

Even trying the same actions on a Linux machine didn’t changed the situation.

Do you have additional hints to get back the data ?

Any new approach would be highly appreciated.

Best regards, Michael

The steps you continued to take likely killed them for good. You do know there is a recycle bin you need to turn on in dashboard, and deleted files go there? You have to go into recycle bin to permanently delete them or you can do so from the Dashboard control.