Error Code WHD20-QQ4 for

Error code WHD20-QQ4 for My Book Essential, 3 TB, during hardware scan, Targeted Read Test using Dell Support Assist . Win 7 OS.

What does this mean? How do I fix? Can anyone here help or point me in the right direction? Do I need to contact Dell or Western Digital?  

Worried and hoping someone can help.


Hi and welcome to the WD community

Just to make sure try to connect the MyBook to a different computer. On this case if when you connect the drive on a different computer and it has any problem the you may contact WD support:

Hi there ArMak.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately there is no other secure computer to test the My Book on. I sure wish someone would tell me what this code means.

 The Support Assist Log File states…There was error in sector 18536817 and then in sectors 18536818 thru 18536881. The scan full test found 2 sector errors. And, skipped Random Seek, Funnel Seek, Linar Read, linar  Read 2, SMART Extended Self Test,  SMART Thresholds test- 2.

I’ve run the drive test 3 times and will run it again before calling WD.