Erased disc. Cannot download and restore WD software

I used the erase disc function on My Passport and Everything was erased. I read the manual on how to download and restore the WD software on My Passport but had no luck The manual instructions did not seem to match up to the real world. Any advice??

Hello jfd34,

You can download WD Software from the link mentioned below.

I have to be doing something wrong because the things I have tried have not worked. I am afraid I need more detailed instructions.

This is what I have done after receiving your email below:

  1. I clicked on the link in your email

  2. I went to My Passport as that is the device that I have.

  3. I clicked on WD Backup, downloaded that file and then extracted all files

  4. I copied the extracted files to My Passport

  5. I tried backing up files but My Passport gave me the message “Unable to back up files to My Passport. Please make sure your drive is connected and accessible.” For the record I can click on My Passport on read read the files on it so it is accessible; it just cannot backup.

My other My Passport works fine but I have never used the disc erase function on this one; I have just deleted files to make room. This disc has a file named WD Backup.swstor whereas the damaged My Passport has a file named WD Backup which I just downloaded today


John F Dimbat