Energy Saving


I have bought a MyCloud Ex2.
This should only be used for backups.
Actually, I want the system to go into sleep mode and be started with WOL before the backup.
The “start over WOL before the backup” part works.
But the MyCloud don’t sleep.
Ich read some posts about it and recognized that this seems to be a general problem.
The most posts are very old and im not sure if the solutions are still up to date.
Do you have any tipps for me?

The NAS does not have to do anything but wake up via WOL and provide a CIFS share


@DerT, try upgrade to the 5.07.118 firmware which has fixes on standby issue and memory usage to see if that solves your problem.


thank you but I already have the newst Version installed.
I solved this “problem” in my own way.
In my backup Script I send the “halt” command over ssh.
After this the WD MyCloud goes to sleep.

Unfortunately, this presents me with a new problem.
For this I have opened a new Topic

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