Turn On by command


I would like to know if there is an away to Turn ON WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra by command after hibernate mode.
IF yes, please tell me your solution.


I think we can use voice commands to turn OFF My Cloud device but not after hibernating mode. My Cloud would be inactive after hibernating mode so My Cloud may not operate over voice command.

I do use WakeOnLan (WOL) on my EX4100.
Further information on that feature you find here:



I’ve tested below suggestion at my WD. And worked (turn off and turn on).

All you, actually need to do is to send proper Magic packet.
Proper meaning that it’ll contain MAC of your MyCloud EX2 and broadcast IP (it’ll, most commonly be x.x.x.255, where x.x.x is the beginning of the IP addresses in your network; though broadcast address might differ, and might require some calculations).
You can easily find an utility for desired OS, capable of sending magic packets.
Tested: MyCloud EX2 with 2.12.127 firmware, wakes up from magic packet sent by OS X (wakeonlan) command-line utility, with no problem.