Encountered an improper argument

I’m having this message everytime when I log on my windows 10 computer.

Any solutions for this??

Please help me.

My suggestion, since you have Windows 10 type this in the search box next to Start then check out the web results.


@cat0w This is an extremely unhelpful answer, as the error message is not unique to programs made by WD. I actually found this thread as the top result after googling 'WD “encountered an improper argument” ', so you can imagine how disappointed I was to find your “answer”. Next time, please make an effort to actually solve the problem or refrain from commenting at all, as otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time and patience.

I personally saw this error after I updated WD Discovery to see if it would then find my new WD My Passport – it only detected the external drive for a split second, after which it returned this error. Does anyone know what might cause this, or should I assume it’s a random bug?

I simple made a suggestion, I’m sure it took you a long time to read my one sentence and look at the image. My answer was not to you but the OP!!!

I googled the error then checked the first search result and was looking for a solution.
Guess what. It ask me to go back and google it on the web. It really helpful.

Hi,I’ve the same problem before,after I install " WD drive utilities" and the problem is gone !!
you can try it !


Dear yuteliou,

Thank for your suggestion, I have already installed the WD Drive Utilities since I bought My Cloud Home but the error still exists. Now I uninstalled this program and the problem is solved?!

Best regards,

Pui Lam To.