WDDriverAgent:Encountered an improper argument

1、the software can not auto startup。
2、when software startup, WDDriverAgent:Encountered an improper argument

what problem in the software?

Hi luochong,

Can you please share the screenshot of error message which you’ve encountered?

Actually, I have the same second problem like yours.
And for my software, I can’t upgrade it inside the software. I have to download a new one to replace it. What’s wrong!


Bought My Cloud Home yesterday, had the same problem when installing WDDiscoery, a popup message showing “WDDriverAgent:Encountered an improper argument”.

More serious, I encountered a blue screen error with my Dell laptop when I tried to sync my picture folder which is over 100G, and this happened again when I rebooted Windows 10. The system log showed that the blue screen may caused by “wdfconnect2017.sys”.

Now I have reinstalled the WDDiscovery and canceled sync. blue screen doesn’t show up again. There’s no problem when I copy large folder like over 20G to Cloud Home, and there was also no problem when I tested to sync a smaller folder this afternoon.

Any solution?