Emptying Trash On My WD My Passport For Mac

So I just purchased my first WD hard drive (My Passport For Mac). I did my first backup late at night and it was taking a while so I left it plugged in to work over night. It did hourly backups overnight after the first was complete so I was left with a bunch of extra backups I didn’t need. I dragged the excess backups into my Trash and tried to empty it but it gave me an error message saying it couldn’t delete all files because of system integrity protection. It then looked like it was deleting files but started giving me error messages that files were in use, etc. after it was done none of the backup files in my trash were deleted.

It didn’t look like the files were taking up any space on my hard drive but they still showed up in my trash when I plugged it in. This is how I’ve deleted backups on all my other hard drives so I’m confused. Is there any way to empty my trash on My Passport For Mac or will it automatically delete them when it starts running out of space?



What’s the name of the backup software you are using to back up your Mac computer to the WD My Passport?

It’s the Time Machine. I tried deleting a backup through Time Machine but it didn’t erase all the files, just like the user folder and files needed to restore from that date.

Also the weird thing is it won’t let me drag my deleted backups from the trash back into the hard drive.