Easystore 8T timeout/sleep function issue

I’ve been reading the reviews on the 8T Easystore External drive, and saw the following complaint in many of the reviews:

“…great product but not if you are trying to upload a lot of files. The timeout function kicks in and corrupts the download. It would be nice if there was an option to turn off the timeout or extend it longer than 30 minutes for large file use…”

My question is: can anyone confirm, for sure, that the WD Drive utilities
software, using the “Setting the Drive Sleep Timer” feature WILL in fact
control/shut off the sleep function/timeout function of the 8T Easystore

Was wondering if you ever found an option to turn the sleep mode off? I’m using an Easystore 8tb on a Nvidia Shield as Plex Media storage and when trying to shuffle TV shows or music it always randomly stops and I’m assuming it’s the drive sleep function kicking in. Gets very annoying

Yes - before buying it, I called WD Tech Support and confirmed that the
WD Drive Utilities Software does, in fact, let you manually extend or disable
the sleep timeout feature.

So far, I’ve just been storing files on it. I did read some complaints about
the drive kicking into the sleep mode during long file transfers, thereby
corrupting the file transfer. I’ve been
doing file transfers lasting several hours each, and have not had problems.

But, I haven’t used it yet to view or
listen to those transferred files, so I can’t say whether or not those “WD Drive utilities
software” settings will solve your problem. Please let us know if those settings
do in fact solve your specific problem!

Link to WD Drive Utility

The drive only go to sleep if there is no activity after 30 minutes. But if you like can use WD Drive Utility as badger66 said.