Easily make your own "wireless drive"

I accidentally discovered a very clever and ingenious post here; so old, it can’t even be replied to anymore, So here is the post’s link. Take a look, then come back here and read how I further picked up on the guy’s good idea.

So, I have all the ingredients for making this guy’s recipe, plus a bit more. So I took a spare WD N750 router, but I did not cut off the power supply’s router 12V output cord as he did; thus his ruining a perfectly good router power supply. No way! Instead, I plugged a little 70 watt converter for making 12vDC into AC into a car lighter socket, then plugged the router’s AC power supply into the converter to get 12V DC output to plug into router. I turned on router with a (previously setup) portable WD drive attached to it and having mp4 movies and music files on it. Then, started up my iPad, connected it to router and could watch a movie streaming from router’s 5G wireless signal; all while inside the car. (The 5G is much faster and better than the MPW’s 2.4G signal.) Quality was perfect; even when viewing an mp4 video made from a BD disk. Kids in back seat will be delighted.

This setup is not just handy for car use. Anyone who lives in an area with frequent and long power outages can use this setup often. The next long power outage we have here; instead of watching movies on our iPads from the MPW as we did before, I will use this setup by plugging my 400W DC/AC converter into my 12v portable, (and sealed,) car battery with lighter socket. Then, we can use 5G wireless with the range of a real router, not just huddle around a puny MPW. And, we can also keep some LED house lights lit, too, with the AC out of the other converter sockets!

Did I mention that the next version of the MPW darn well better have a 5G wireless signal? Well, I did just now.

Hi, this is a really good idea, I was not aware of that old thread, you have just saved me a bunch of work I was planning on doing on my car.

Have fun doing it. It will be a snap. I believe the OP used a WD router with a built-in drive which made it easier so he did not have to attach a drive to router. My N750 is small and thin enough to likely put under the front passenger seat.

See what you can do to encourage WD to put 5G in all their future wireless toys, including wireless drives! This is 2016 – what are they waiting for!