DX4000 + new drive + factory rebuild

The background:
dx4000 with 2x 2TB HDD of which 1x original drive and 1x new WD enterprise drive (not in WD drive whitelist for this unit)
My customer wants the unit reset to the factory defaults.

Downloaded the (8GB!) .iso file from a third party website since I couldn’t find it in the download section for the Sentinel.

Created the bootable USB for the storage and edited the whitelist.xml to include the new Enterprise drive, then rebooted the server and recreated the storage. (The drive was recognized and storage created o.k.)

Created the bootable USB for the recovery and edited the whitelist.xml to include the new Enterprise drive, then rebooted the server.

The problem:
The server boots into recover mode and displays: “recovery started” however when I want to connect to the server I get the message the server isn’t found.
What I noticed is that both nic’s at the back of the server display no lights and this gives me the idea the nics aren’t being initialised during boot-up. (Both nic’s were working before the storage was recreated and server did get an IP, so it’s not cable, router or DHCP)


  1. Is there a (ftp) site were I can download the .iso file and the md5 checksum file so I can be sure the file isn’t corrupt?
  2. Any idea why the NIC’s are disabled? (and how to enable them)
  3. Any other way to reinstall the os without having to connect to it? (if this is possible it should load the nic drivers automatically and start them)

Any help would be appreciated!!

Get in touch with the WD Support, the Recovery Image seems to be gone from the Support pages.

Yes, I think you have a bad download. While you are trying to get WD support, you could be trying the download again.

Thanks Gramps & Joerg_A that’s my thought as well. Will try and contact WD support…