DX4000 - Error code 0x80070570 when restoring OS


Long story short, needs to restore the OS of the DX4000 back to default whilst keeping all the data in the drives.

I’ve followed the “Performing a recovery” steps on page 56 of the manual but unfortunately get a Error code 0x80070570 half way through the recovery process.

I’ve attemped with multiple usb sticks multiple times, all usb 2.0. Occationally get different error codes, 0x80070241, 0x80070002. Even tried unlocking the drives first before restoring but same results, not even sure what unlocking the drives even does…

I downloaded the recovery iso from here “APAC_SvrRecovery”
Unfortunately dont have a MD5 to check it, but did download it multiple times in hopes that it’ll eventually work, and obviously didn’t.

Even if the OS is not recoverable, it would be still be great if I could access the data inside.


You could check the md5 of your downloads to see if they match each other. Download PANAM as there is an MD5 in these forums

You can Google for Raid recovery software, put the drives in USB docks. Most of the software allows you to see your data and pay to copy it. That said I think someone here found a free version

If the error happens in the middle of the restore it may well be your download