Drives not showing up on network?

I currently have 2 WD Hard Drives connected via usb to my WD live streamer. Both work fine.

My WD streamer is hard wired to my wireless router via cat5 cable.

There a two computers in my home, a laptop and a desk top. Both are Windows 7 64bit.  

Under ‘Network’ on the laptop both Hard Drives show and I am able to move files to and from the HDs connected to my WD Streamer and the Laptop.   However neither HD shows up on my Desktop.

Just prior I was able to access the HDs from both computers via wireles but now they only show up on my laptop ?  I have made no changes to my setup (firmware updates, ect) at all.

Is there a way to correct this ???

Thank you…  


Try mapping the drives on the computer.

Mapping a Personal Cloud or Network Attached Storage device on a Windows PC

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Thank you