Drive Uninitialized - Unable to read the external drive/No Partitions visible

about a year back i purchased this 4TB My book from WD, today it just wont connect, ad wont show my files , i feel terrible i lost all those precious pictures and videos of my parents life, i am trying to recover using data rescue 4 on a mac, i had formatted it using HFS partition, i just dont understand how this can fail, any inputs and help is highly appreciated, what are my options in terms of RMA and data recovery if data rescue4 doesn’t help, im getting the “initialize, ignore etc” error, each time i connect but it doesnt help anyway i click those options, .

There are any number of reasons why hard drives can fail and I don’t want to speculate about your particular situation. If the data is that precious, you may want to consider taking the drive to a Data Recovery service.

From just that screenshot, I’d suspect there is physical damage to the drive rather than corruption or something software (if this was the case SMART would still show OK). You might also want to try replacing the cable between the drive and the Mac as a bad cable can cause similar issues.

thanks scott, i will be doing just that.