Drive Size

I might buy a cheap ShareSpace off the net.  It will probably have 2x1TB drives and will pull these and slap in the largests HD’s I can find. My question is whats the largest drive the sharespace can take ? I know there will be power considerations its the size I want to know for now



Umpa2011, the Western Digital ShareSpace is User-Upgradeable up to 8 TB (4x 2 TB).


I really recomend against doing that. You’re better off with an oldish computer running FreeNAS. The ShareSpace is very slow and gets very bad support from WD. I’d think twice before spending $$ on one…


Hi guys,

Just so you know I already have an 8TB ShareSpace and am very happy with it - hence I want another.  Thing is I can;t afford one LOL, so I figured if I buy a second hand one, I could stick some really large HD’s in it and make myself a massive one.

I knew the sharespace accepts 2TB Green HD’s and is the supported size, but I would like to fit 3GB drives. Sometimes these things accept more than the supported, eg my mac mini’s supported memory size is 4GB, but I have 8GB and works fine.  Thus I was wondering what is the MAXIMUM the unit will take, and not the recommended/supported size